Wine Appreciation - Introduction to wine


Duration 4 hours


Course Price: £79.00

​Full and indepth course on the basics of wine and its relationship to regions, food and our experience. A good balance of theory and practical tasting of six to eight premium wines and a lively discussion in a workshop environment.  This course is supported by comprehensive course notes and handouts to use later as reference documents.



Overview of course content:


What is Wine?

Description of the different types of wine.


Production Methods of Red, White and Rose

Detailed understanding of the individual processes involved in the production of different wine types.


Wine Regions of the World

Old World verses New World regions and what makes them different.

Factors affecting the styles of Wine in the new and old worlds


How to taste Wine

The tasting process

The taste centres in and around the mouth

The five taste sensations explained.

Practical tasting of wine to learn through experience


Wine and Food

Discussion of the “Guideline for Pairing” and tasting wine with primary food taste sensations.


Major Grape varietals descriptions and tasting

Explanation of each of the grape varietals, their regions, what to expect in each case.


Practical tasting of wine and exercises to imbed learning


White Wine – Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand), Chardonnay (Chablis) and Riesling (Alsace)

Red Wine – Merlot (South Africa) , Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile) and Shiraz/ Syrah (Rhone)



Understanding the label of the old World

Decoding common labelling terms including labels of France, Italy and Spain.


Sparkling Wines

Methods of production and description

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